Content Challenge (2/7)


  1. How to increase your traffic with content
  2. Content Challenge
  3. Keyword research
  4. Content Planning
  5. Content writing
  6. Publishing content
  7. The result
  8. Learn to generate traffic through content

Read this article until the end and you will see how we increased website traffic publishing 11 pieces of content linked from my main page, the page we want to have traffic going to.

The problem to solve…

During the first half of April/2018, the volume of accesses I was getting on my site started to decrease

We had a 55 unique visitors, all via link building.

No traffic was coming from Google, I wasn’t even ranking on its organic searches, but despite this mild success the bounce rate was really high and frankly, we need more visitor than that to make it worthwhile.

Google Analytics screenshot


From the screen shot below you can see that my site isn’t currently ranking for any keywords:

Google Search Console, Webmaster Tools, screenshot

The solution…

The home page needs more traffic, so we will publish content that people can find when reading this home page.

This is how the site looks like right now:

Content architecture original, before transformation

Simple right?

At the end of this challenge, this site will look like this:

Content architecture end result, after transformation

  • This new shape of the site will show Google that the home page has now more value, why?
  • Because there are other pieces of content that extend this page and make it more relevant to visitors
  • The orange circles are exactly what I want to build, much bigger and better don’t you think?

The goal is…

To see increase unique visitors to the web site as a whole.

The starting point:

I will setup a project plan that will guide me through the process.

The project plan will look like this:

Content transformation simple project plan, work breakdown structure

In other words, we will:

  1. Run a keyword research
  2. Choose the best content types
  3. Create the title of the articles
  4. Create a content outline to send to writers
  5. Pay someone to write the content for us
  6. Publish the content to the site (linking to these new pages_
  7. Add them to the sitemap
  8. Check the results


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