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  1. How to increase your traffic with content
  2. Content Challenge
  3. Keyword research
  4. Content Planning
  5. Content writing
  6. Publishing content
  7. The result
  8. Learn to generate traffic through content

Hiring content writers

After I have done the keyword research and written the content outline document it is time to select a writer and a designer (for the infographic).

I use Upwork for that and here is how:

  1. I post a job with some details on the description, attach the document outline and pay a fixed fee
    1. I have tested several different prices and noticed that:
      1. Infographic design and Article writing below 500 words I can pay 30 dollars and get a good result
      2. For 1000 words article I usually pay 40 dollars

  • For 2000 words and above I pay 50 (some times 60) dollars
  1. For a proper in-depth article with someone technical it would be around 80 dollars

For the two contents I’m creating (infographic and 500 words article) I’m paying 30 dollars each. posting a job


  1. Next I select a few freelancers that I liked

For the infographic piece I chose one guy I liked: hiring writer


The designer I chose didn’t answer so I have received some extra proposals: invite freelance writers


In the end I chose the best possible person for the job:


  1. I will need to manage this job now:
    1. I need to keep an eye on the deadline I have set and missing such deadline will affect the review I’ll give to this freelancer in the end
    2. I also need to be able to review the job before setting it to close. This will ensure the best possible quality in the end

Review time

I’ve got the article and the infographic.

Both needs revision but the article needs less attention because it is in a good state already.

The infographic is harder for me to fix any issues because I don’t have designing skills so I’ll need to send it back to the creator.

The best thing is to keep fine-tuning it until I’m happy with the result but the article will receive special attention from myself:

  • Take a look at the article:
  • I will need to do three things:
  1. Change the links to “nofolow”
  2. Remove the last link to tutorials I’m not related to
  3. Add one paragraph at the top of the article
  • Take a look at the result:
  • I still need to change the links to to be able to count the results, but this will be done another time, it won’t affect our test results

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