The Effect Of Brexit On SMEs

The Effect of Brexit on SMEs

Brexit is merging of the words Britain and exit. It is a short form word to signify the exit of Britain from the European Union.

UK’s vote to leave the EU was made in a referendum on 23 June 2016. The movement of goods, services, people and capital across the UK/EU borders is one big decision that has to be made when the negotiations surrounding this vote is complete.

Businesses are especially concerned about how the negotiations go because it would change how UK as whole does business. As part of the EU, UK as well as other members of EU functioned as one central trading unit which meant that there were no border checks and that they all operated under the same VAT system.

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By Amanda: Open Banking in the UK

Open Banking in the UK

Technology has imparted virtually every part of our lives. From Healthcare to transportation and even in the financial systems the touch of technology cannot be overemphasized. Open banking is one of the latest ways by which technology has imparted the financial systems.

This article is going to discuss at length what open banking is and also how it affects financial operations in the UK. Before going further what really is Open banking?

What is Open Banking?

Open banking can have different meaning. We would be defining it in financial terms and also in plain lay man English.

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By Amanda: Artificial Intelligence And Its Effect On Businesses In The UK

What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence or AI for short means in it’s simplest form that computers can perform tasks or complete work that is normally done by a human.

With the technology available now, you actually don’t have to be super brilliant or be wear a lab coat in a fancy laboratory to use AI. AI is everywhere. It is on our phones, offices and even on our washing machines.

From a business perspective, there have been some worries over the years as to how AI would affect the economy of countries. This article would be discussing what effect AI has on businesses in the UK.

Before going in depth into that let us first consider the advantages and disadvantage that AI poses to businesses in UK.

Pros of AI
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