Case Study: Fitness 1on1 Program

Description: I have chosen one participant of the 4N London Wanstead and ran a quick Google research. Here is what I found.


Landing Pages:

The test scheme:

  1. Ad Groups: First we create a group of ads
  2. Keywords: We list the keywords that people type on Google and tell Google to show these ads for them
  3. Ad Copy: Lastly we create the ads

1. Ad Groups

First group of ads was “Ad group 1” (the bottom one) and we had no clicks to your pages. So that forced me to try again.

Second group of ads came with a more aggressive text inside the ad and we had 3 expensive clicks. So that forced me to try again to make it cheaper.

Third group we had an improvement, cheaper clicks but the CTR (click-through rate) was a bit low. That means we can improve the ads to make them more relevant to the person searching for the selected keywords.

On the last attempt we had a better CTR and the cheapest CPC (cost per click).

2. Keywords

These are the keywords that, when people type on Google, the ads will show. Where it says “Status” google is asking me to increase the price we pay it after every click. (Of course they will ask that, right?) The main thing about the keywords is that we have got a whopping 8.33% CTR for 50 pences on each click. This is a great result.

3. Ad Copy

This is the list of ads that we see in the “Ad Group 1 #4”. We should remove the weak ads (like the last one that didn’t generate any impressions) and just keep the ones with great results. A 25% CTR means that you get a new visitor to your landing page every 4 people who saw that ad (in which case you need to pay Google 50 pence when this happens). This is great CTR. If every 10 new visitors you have one filling up the form to become a new client of yours, this means you could receive 1 new lead every 5 pounds! I don’t think it gets any cheaper that this…

Result Analysis

How do you currently get new customers? Referrals and 4N I’m sure. But if you could have 10 or 20 new leads every month, would you be happy to call them and arrange a visit and try to close your sale?

When you call people interested in your services, do you normally make how much money with them in the next 12 months? (This is called the life-time value of a client.)

I can tell Jackie could generate 1 new lead every 5 pounds spent on Google, immediately. Imagine if we could run a complete Advertising program like that on Facebook as well, wouldn’t that be great for the business and for your life? What dreams can you achieve in life by filling in your classes to its fullest every time?

Explanations About this Test

I’m here selling Facebook Ads service where you give me a commission for every lead you get. But why am I showing you the results of a test in Google if I’m selling Facebook Ads? Well, I sell Google as well, if that is what works for your business, that is what we should do.

However, the reason why I used Google only for this test, and didn’t use Facebook, is because Facebook wouldn’t allow me to create ads on your behalf, only Google allows that.

I hope you could see the benefits of internet marketing as a way to grow your business and keep it alive as a revenue stream for you.