Case Study: Promoting a Video Production Company

Description: I have chosen one participant of the 4N London Barnet and ran a quick Google research. Here is what I found.

Website and Landing Page:

The test scheme:

  1. Ad Groups: First we create a group of ads
  2. Keywords: We list the keywords that people type on Google and tell Google to show these ads for them
  3. Ad Copy: Lastly we create the ads

1. Ad Groups

I have created only 1 ad group but the overall numbers are quite interesting (although I think we can double the amount of clicks by running new tests.

The result was a decent CTR (Click-through Rate) and the Avg. CPC (Average Cost per Click) is also acceptable as it is in this test, imagine if we could reduce that to 50 or 40 p instead of 76.

2. Keywords

These are the keywords that, when people type on Google, the ads were shown. The main thing about the keywords is that we need to find the right combination between CTR (Click-through Rate) and Avg. CPC (Average Cost per Click). I’m marking in the image the best combination we had in this test. I must say that anyone would be happy to have a 15% CTR with a 47 pence CPC, this is quite amazing, it is money waiting to be taken off of online advertising.

3. Ad Copy

This is the list of ads that we see in the “Ad Group 1”. We should keep the ads with the best results and remove the others. I believe we could still improve the CTR in the next attempts, but the return on the investment on ads is quite clear: If every 10 new visitors you have one filling up the form to become a new client of yours, this means you could receive 1 new lead every 6.9 pounds! I don’t think it gets any cheaper that this…

Result Analysis

How do you currently get new customers? Referrals and 4N I’m sure. But if you could have 10 or 20 new leads every month, would you be happy to call them and arrange a visit and try to close your sale?

When you call people interested in your services, do you normally make how much money with them in the next 12 months? (This is called the life-time value of a client.)

I can tell that Mary could generate 1 new lead every 6.9 pounds spent on Google, immediately. Imagine if we could run a complete Advertising program like that on Facebook as well, wouldn’t that be great for the business and for your life? What dreams can you achieve in life by have 1 or 2 new clients in the next 30 to 60 days?

Explanations About this Test

I’m here selling Facebook Ads service where you give me a commission for every lead you get. But why am I showing you the results of a test in Google if I’m selling Facebook Ads? Well, I sell Google as well, if that is what works for your business, that is what we should do.

However, the reason why I used Google only for this test, and didn’t use Facebook, is because Facebook wouldn’t allow me to create ads on your behalf, only Google allows that.

I hope you could see the benefits of internet marketing as a way to grow your business and keep it alive as a revenue stream for you.