Case: The Clique Booths

Client: The Clique Booths

Owner: Ali Letts (Ali is a powerhouse: She works full time, launches a business and lead a family… all together and successfully. We all have much to learn from her.)

The Project: The Clique Booths is a photo booth renting business that Ali started in Henley-on-Thames. Their differential is the quality of the pictures and the looks of the booth itself.

Overview: We have adopted 2 organic strategies to increase web traffic to the website: Forum and Social Commenting. Today, 07/08/2018, you can still see the results of only a few days of effort made 2 months ago.

The Business Needs

The business needed to become more known and grow organically, not via online ads.

The Strategy

We came up with the idea that our online efforts would aim to attract the attention of event and party planners around Thames Valley area.

The Solution

To run 2 online campaigns:

  1. Business Listing
  2. Forum Commenting
  3. Social Commenting

1. Business Listing

The first thing is to make sure we have the website being listed in all important, free, directories (like Google Maps, Yelp and others). This increases visibility and makes the whole business look more credible.

The only thing we need to be aware of is that the Yell (formerly Yellow Pages) will call you and push hard in digital marketing programs I wouldn’t agree to.

2. Forum Commenting

This is an interesting organic type of outreach: we find where event planners hangout online, signup there, and comment on their questions, make questions of our own and attract some attention.

This is a hard work that proved to be successful because a lead came from this campaign, after around 100 comments and interactions.

3. Social Commenting

Another interesting organic type of outreach: we used Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus to comment on relevant posts from other people (always placing a link to The Clique Booths website). How successful was that? Super successful! As it happens, we discovered that Google is listening to Twitter and Google Plus (don’t know which one is a priority for Google Search, but I can imagine it is Google Plus, although I can’t tell for sure right now). This means the website started to rank on the keywords we used in this campaign.

I’ll explain: On every comment, we would add a keyword that Ali wanted to rank on. There were 4 keywords in total, and each comment we made contained at least one of them. Boom! After only 100 social comments… Google started ranking her website on those keywords.

No lead came from those comments directly, but it was a successful campaign nonetheless.

The Result

In 5 days of listing, forums and social commenting, The Clique Booths has got a lead and started ranking in Google Search, organically.