Case: Wills Writing Maidenhead

Client: Wills Writing Maidenhead

Owner: Tony Coyle (Tony is an amazing person and working with him was a delight. Everything was done in time and his collaborative personality helped all the way.)

The Project: Tony is a qualified Wills Writer who can provide advice and guidance in other services as well but for a digital marketer like myself, this business poses some challenges:

  1. This is a local business, he acts around Maidenhead only
  2. People are referred to other will writers by financial advisers and mortgage brokers, who didn’t know him
  3. He wasn’t known even from Google (you wouldn’t find his website even if you searched for “Will writers Maidenhead”)

Overview: I met Tony in a networking event and he did the best presentation in the room. The interesting thing is that he had started his Will writing business as a partner of APS and hadn’t gone digital at that point. The result of this project was so successful that his website is getting traffic until today, even after only a few days of work, 2 months ago.

We need to remember that having a website does not mean there will be business coming through.

The Program

The plan was to start with targeted directory submission and move on to content plan and distribution after that.

As it happens, will writers don’t put too much effort into digital marketing and Tony has seen good ranking results for his website after the first task: directory submission.

The Results

We ran some SEO services on his website and within two weeks he was ranked number 1 on Google for “Will writers Maidenhead”. Of course, I knew this SEO program was going to be successful, but I couldn’t imagine it would be this much. (Now we will need to run new SEO campaigns, the number 1 ranking isn’t there anymore, but still pretty good.)

There are still other elements we could work on to make his business a national sensation, but I suppose this is true with all businesses.

Reason for Success

A good SEO needs to craft, carefully, all elements of the actions taken. The directories need to handpicked so only relevant ones are used (remember, quality not quantity). The description of the business needs to be consistent across all sites, especially Google Maps. Pictures are important as well and, like the business description, it needs to be consistent on every channel.

Vision for Next Steps

Researching keywords and content online is difficult because if you go to Buzzsumo and type “will writing” you get things like:

We need to go around that by picking keywords carefully and studying what others are doing make sure to put up a huge filter in your brain.

If Tony were to have an FAQ (frequently asked questions) on his website, here is what I would recommend him doing:

  • This is a consulting service, where the will writer offers advice to get the will in shape for future events. In summary, Tony needs to sell his advice.
  • Here are some of the articles I would like to see on his website:
    • Why free wills can be dangerous?
      • Too many people search for free wills online, we need to tackle that first
    • Should you only hire a solicitor as a will writer?
      • Professional advice can be offered by non solicitors, in this article we need to say why
    • Should I get an early funeral plan?
      • Let’s be adults here, this is not a negative thought, it is a financially smart move to make early in life. Challenge with this article is to make the “energy” still positive while talking about such a sensitive subject
    • What should you consider about your children when writing your will?
      • Here we start providing some advice to show all options in some of the most searched subjects about wills
    • I’m moving abroad, how can I make my will still be valid?
      • Move free advice


There is always something else we could be doing on a website to make it stand out. The important thing is to make sure you do one thing at a time, measure it, and then move on to the next, rip all the benefits of every single effort.

Thank you Tony, this was great!