Case: Wills Writing Maidenhead

Client: Wills Writing Maidenhead

Owner: Tony Coyle (Tony is an amazing person and working with him was a delight. Everything was done in time and his collaborative personality helped all the way.)

The Project: Tony is a qualified Wills Writer who can provide advice and guidance in other services as well but for a digital marketer like myself, this business poses some challenges:

  1. This is a local business, he acts around Maidenhead only
  2. People are referred to other will writers by financial advisers and mortgage brokers, who didn’t know him
  3. He wasn’t known even from Google (you wouldn’t find his website even if you searched for “Will writers Maidenhead”)

Overview: I met Tony in a networking event and he did the best presentation in the room. The interesting thing is that he had started his Will writing business as a partner of APS and hadn’t gone digital at that point. The result of this project was so successful that his website is getting traffic until today, even after only a few days of work, 2 months ago.

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Case: The Clique Booths

Client: The Clique Booths

Owner: Ali Letts (Ali is a powerhouse: She works full time, launches a business and lead a family… all together and successfully. We all have much to learn from her.)

The Project: The Clique Booths is a photo booth renting business that Ali started in Henley-on-Thames. Their differential is the quality of the pictures and the looks of the booth itself.

Overview: We have adopted 2 organic strategies to increase web traffic to the website: Forum and Social Commenting. Today, 07/08/2018, you can still see the results of only a few days of effort made 2 months ago.

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Social Commenting Experiment

Social commenting means you will join someone else’s conversation on social networks with the goal of driving traffic and business to your website.

People who work in marketing don’t really talk about this tactic as something useful, and that comes from lack of knowledge… and I can prove it.

The Client

The client I selected to run a social commenting for is The Clique Booths. The idea was to get event and party planners.

The Program

A PA would be hired to enter selected social networks, search for posts about the subjects we want to comment on, and publish a comment that is relevant to the discussion and also links back to Clique Booth’s website.
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Forum Commenting Experiment

I have decided to spend some time testing an old type of online marketing: Forum commenting.

Is it effective? Do people read them? Do people click their links?

This is the story:

The Client

My friend Ali Lets needed a boost on her new venture: The Clique Booths. The Clique Booths’ website doesn’t have a landing page so directing traffic to the home page is a long shot… but better than no traffic at all.

The Program

The idea was to publish comments to forum discussions where we would try to be useful for the whole discussion at the same time as we would place a link to the Clique Booths’ website.
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