The Effect Of Brexit On SMEs

The Effect of Brexit on SMEs

Brexit is merging of the words Britain and exit. It is a short form word to signify the exit of Britain from the European Union.

UK’s vote to leave the EU was made in a referendum on 23 June 2016. The movement of goods, services, people and capital across the UK/EU borders is one big decision that has to be made when the negotiations surrounding this vote is complete.

Businesses are especially concerned about how the negotiations go because it would change how UK as whole does business. As part of the EU, UK as well as other members of EU functioned as one central trading unit which meant that there were no border checks and that they all operated under the same VAT system.

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Link Building for Election Campaigns

Should you entice partisanship or personal adherence from the public to your campaign?


In a multiparty system, such as see in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, and Brazil, to build partisanship helps with raising identity and relationship with voters, maybe more than issues and ideology [resource 1].

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Relationship Marketing, this will blow your mind

A simple solution to implement relationship marketing on your online store.


Relationship Marketing is all about maintaining a long-term communication scheme with your targeted audience. This can be expensive if you are talking about consumer goods and retail, but I have a suggestion that will blow your mind.

I will present the 2 topics and after that, I will show you how to implement Relationship marketing in your online shop:

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1. Linking Niche Marketing with Relationship Marketing

According to Mr. David Shani [resource 1] in this article “Exploiting Niches Using Relationship Marketing“ presents an interesting idea: to link 3 types of marketing in one single strategic plan.

Niche marketing — feeds –> Database marketing — triggers –> Relationship marketing.


  • Niche marketing: a small part of the market whose needs are not yet fulfilled
  • DB marketing: a load of data about a person, what they like, dislike, their tastes and lifestyle
  • Rel. marketing: continuous relationship, interactive, individualized and value-added contacts over a long period of time

2. Brand Management and Relationship Marketing

Riza Casidy (what a beautiful name) studied how building a relationship with your consumer can increase brand awareness in a way that will bring in more returning clients [resource 2].

Her study was all about PBRO (Perceived Brand Relationship Orientation), where:

  • PBRO: an indicator of consumers’ perception of the bran’s desire to have a relationship with its consumers

She cites amazingly powerful sentences such as:

Consumer not only cares about a brand’s features and benefits but also about a relational aspect of brand perception (Kervyn, Finke and Malone, 2012).


When consumers regard a brand as a relationship partner, they may develop attachments (Malar, Krohmer, Hoyer and Nyffenegger, 2011).

3. Solution: How to implement relationship marketing on your online store

To apply in real-life the concepts raised by David Shani and Riza Casidy we should, WE MUST, implement Relationship Marketing to increase our PBRO and to keep in touch with our customers for the long-run.

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