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  1. How to increase your traffic with content
  2. Content Challenge
  3. Keyword research
  4. Content Planning
  5. Content writing
  6. Publishing content
  7. The result
  8. Learn to generate traffic through content

Taking all of the information into account…

I want to write content that meets the top 3 types: list, how and what.

“What” post is: when the title starts with the word “What” and the same goes for “How”.

The “List” type is: when the content title starts with a number.

Content plan types and titles

  • Just as a reminder, I want to build authority on my site around one single page, the homepage. It is not currently well ranked on Google and my theory is that this process will increase the number of unique visitors to my site.

Project Plan Update

Now I know the keywords and I have a good idea of how I will proceed and the goal I want to achieve.

This is great!

The next step is to update the project planning spreadsheet and do what says in the column “Next Step”:

Content plan next steps

Writing Content Outline

I will use my outline template:



1. What is Google Keyword Planner

This article looks very straight forward and there is basically nothing I can say that is better than what Google already has.

This should not be a training article but rather my view of what it can be used for in terms of content marketing.

Here is the outline document I have put together to send to a writer:

  • Note that I want a small article that mentions us, Handshake Links, as specialists in keyword research (which we are) but it is still a useful article piece because I want to mention different strategies that could help the reader
  • I know people in this market like to read the article with 3000+ words, but this is not the time for big investments, I want to get some content out, we can work to increase its size later

I will write this one myself, I won’t send this to a writer because it is small and I want to provide food for thought for Directors and Managers instead of steps for consultants.



Project Update

Content plan update

2. 4 Ways to do keyword research

This content should be written by me.

I will list the 4 ways I do:

  • Analysing competition
  • Analysing customer shared content
  • Using keyword tools
  • Trending topics

There is no need for outline document for this one.

Project Update

Content plan updated

3. What are Backlinks

This is a simple description of backlinks are so I don’t need to worry too much about the text content, but to make it more interesting I will build an infographic here.

There isn’t much to talk about backlinks, it is what it is, but the concept can be easily depicted in graphic form… so this should be fun.

The best thing is that if you search for infographics on Pinterest or Google Images that describe in graphic form what backlinks are you won’t find it much useful.

It is always mingled with link building content and SEO. I think there is room for improvement there.

In case of an infographic I will make a short Powerpoint graphic with a description around, like this:



Project Update

Content plan updated

4. The “How-To” Articles

The following article will receive a different treatment:

  • How to submit your website to google search
  • How to submit your website to google news
  • How to submit your website to google maps

I will get a video on Youtube that explains how to do this and will transcribe them with free tool online.

I will make sure I mention the owner of the video in the credits but there is no point in me writing about something that Google, itself, promotes.

Basically, there is nothing I can say that hasn’t been described in details by Google itself, plus these things are always changing so I would have to keep updating it.

I will run an automated tool to grab some content and get on the next article.


How to submit your website to google search

The video I found is:

This video already has a transcription:

Youtube video transcription feature

After copying the transcription I will need to remove all of the times on the left-hand side and put all sentences together.

This is done using Regex on Textpad editor:

Youtube video transcription

Press F8 and type this:

Youtube video transcription cleanup with Regex

  • Find field = Regex to search for the times
  • Replace field is empty (this tells Textpad to delete the times)
  • Regular expression field is selected
  • The result is the following

Youtube transcriptions

Now we use another Regex to put it all in one single line:

Youtube video transcription cleanup

After some work on the text, this is the result:

Content page ready

  • This is exactly how this article looks like
  • I have decided to add another video in there just to add some meat to the page
  • Now we just repeat the process to the other “How To” articles

Project Update

Content management plan updated

5. Geo-Location Articles

The next 5 articles are designed to attract the locals.

My business is located in Henley-on-Thames and so the surrounding cities are my main target and it makes sense to add some pages to attract local clients.

There is an idea around the SEO world that you should switch on the geolocator in your phone and take some pictures around the places you want to target. Google will pick the geolocation and that could help with your SEO… allegedly.

Ignoring the picture tip from above I need to come up with content for these pages.

I don’t think there is much I can say but certainly, I can think like the visitor with some user experience techniques. For example:

  • When a business owner searches for link builder in the city of Reading what would be the main goal? I think the main goal is to find information to locate and contact link builders around. This would be part of a research to hire someone so I will try to bring in some information from other sites for free to help adding value to the pages.

How the page looks like:

Content page designed

  • I have decided to a survey for at the bottom, hopefully people will fill up it but it is fine if they don’t, my page is published anyway.
  • I will also replicate this page to the other geo-location one in the project plan.

Project Update

Content management plan updated

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