Forum Commenting Experiment

I have decided to spend some time testing an old type of online marketing: Forum commenting.

Is it effective? Do people read them? Do people click their links?

This is the story:

The Client

My friend Ali Lets needed a boost on her new venture: The Clique Booths. The Clique Booths’ website doesn’t have a landing page so directing traffic to the home page is a long shot… but better than no traffic at all.

The Program

The idea was to publish comments to forum discussions where we would try to be useful for the whole discussion at the same time as we would place a link to the Clique Booths’ website.

The Challenge

  1.  I needed to come up with a system that would be done by a PA, not by me. (Trying to scale the operation).
  2. To find relevant discussions for weddings, company parties and general event management topics.
  3. To write useful comments to the discussion and link the whole thing to the business.

Of course, this turned out to be a little expensive because every single comment needed to be crafted for each discussion, but in the next few lines of this article I will share with you exactly how I tackled this problem and results afterward.

The Project

I have created a spreadsheet with every single piece of information necessary for a me to follow or even for a PA to do on its own.

I have created:

  • 10 steps that should be followed in detail, covering every single situation (tackling challenge 1, above.)
  • 4 keywords that should be used to search for relevant discussions (challenge 2, above).
  • 10 possible comments to be used, tackling the challenge 3, above.

Take a look at the structure of the spreadsheet:

All comments made were than registered in a separate tab in the same spreadsheet:

The Result

Amazingly forum comment worked in this case. Ali received a lead after 13 forums received our comments. We did commented in 5 to 10 different discussions, so we commented around 100 times in the space of 3 days. And we have got a lead!

Traffic didn’t increase much and Google rankings also weren’t affected.