How to increase your traffic with content (1/7)


  1. How to increase your traffic with content
  2. Content Challenge
  3. Keyword research
  4. Content Planning
  5. Content writing
  6. Publishing content
  7. The result
  8. Learn to generate traffic through content

Like my friends from the Income School used to say: if you have traffic, you can turn it into money. Here, at Handshake Links, we agree with that.

But how to generate traffic?

The shortcut for instant traffic

Adverts. Yes, ads will instantly give you visitors but as soon as you stop paying, traffic goes to ZERO instantly as well.

Get traffic for months to come

The second best option to generate traffic is Google organic search results.

But how to rank higher on Google? (The million dollar question right?!)

This article shows one single strategy and the results are quite interesting, judge for yourself…

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