Link Building for Self-Publishing Specialist

The challenge was to promote a self-publishing consulting business without submitting it to local (and national) directories.

The client

When I met Chrystel I was amazed by her journals.

Her business is divided into three parts (according to my own analysis):

  1. Inspiring Journals
  2. Chrystel the author
  3. Book Design and Publishing


Inspiring Journals are books that she wrote and sell (pretty successfully) on Amazon.

As an author, she builds her identity at events, fairs and online to promote and sell her journals.

Book design and publishing is her consulting business where she helps independent authors get their book out into the world.


Understanding the business needs

At first, I thought…

…”Humm, she wants to sell more of her inspiring journals

But corrected me decisively:

“What I want is to promote my publishing services more as I am planning to create a new website dedicated to self publishing, which is long overdue”.

The reasoning behind it is clear: her books and journals are already on Amazon and sales have been doing pretty well consistently since she published her first gratitude journal in November 2014.

…But the publishing company could use a little push.


Gathering requirements

So the conversation started

J: What is the website for your publishing services?

C: Well, so far I had a combined website for my personal brand and my publishing company which wasn’t great at all. I have been wanting to create a website just for my company Plum Design & Publishing for a while, but never got round to do it until now.

J: But if your business has a name, it should have a domain as well.

C: Yes exactly. I had the domain name since I started my business but it has been redirecting to my personal brand website, hence why it wasn’t very good. Now that I am ready to create my new self-publishing website, what do you suggest I do to get more exposure?

J: I suggest we setup a 2-steps project: First we redesign the architecture of your business; Second we run a link building campaign.


Business architecture redesign

After that, we have decided to redesign the whole information architecture around the business.

In the presentation below you will see the before and after the architectural redesign:

Before redesign

  • Messy links among the websites
  • Inconsistent publishing scheme
  • Lack of focus on the publishing business


After redesign

  • Understandible set links between websites
  • Organized publishing scheme
  • Consistent online presence




The intention was allow 3 main benefits to come to fruition:

1. Have the publishing business ranking on Google

  • 28 results now are shown for when you search about plum publishing and design

28 results now are shown for when you search about plum publishing and design


2. Change her personal brand to focus on being an author

  • Now her own website (under reconstruction) can focus on her and building up her image as an author, glorious right?


3.Improve capacity to build links

  • All SEO numbers could be improved focusing sollely on link building without directory submission

Check it out: Plum Design and Publishing (

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