Marketing Lab Manifesto

To market any business is hard.

The simple questions: who are your ideal clients and where to find them, puzzle business owners all over the world.

Let alone build a list, a blog, online ads, guest posts… It is a lot of work and you need to get leads out of it or else the investment becomes an expense.

I’m Jacobi, and I have been a CRM consultant for many years and Marketing is part of the customer journey (Marketing, Sales, Support).

Being at the forefront of marketing for so many years, there’s one thing I know: you can’t afford to be complacent.

Look in the dictionary and you’ll see that marketing is defined as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.”

Central to selling is generating leads and knowing your market.

But there is so much noise out there, so many gurus, techniques, and programs, where to start?

This blog exists to answer that exact question.

By building a marketing strategy you are in essence laying out on a calendar, a series of campaigns that you will run online in order to generate leads on the products you want to sell.

From experience, it’s crucial to build at least four campaigns in advance. This forms a marketing plan, which is needed six to 12 months ahead of launch.

One of the great benefits of digital marketing is the ability to track campaigns. It allows companies to create tailored adverts to their audience, and through trial and error adjust and develop the best way to reach them.

Trial and error is KEY to this and has helped me in my journey getting here today. That doesn’t specifically mean you have to ‘fail’, it just means tracking campaigns and focusing on those that are more successful.

While Google Adwords remains important, Facebook has become the marketer’s best friend, although it is not as cheap as it used to be.

Each platform brings its own strengths. LinkedIn is great for B2B, Pinterest works well with the female audience when offering visual products, Snapchat is known to be a popular medium with millennials…

But are ads really the only way?

Content is King

While advertising is a sure-fire way to reach an audience on social media, news sites, and search engines, providing engaging content is a credible approach that works for companies of all sizes.

Think with me, what are ads if not snippets of content? What about landing pages? Content! And Blogs? Content also!

Used correctly it drives traffic and adds credibility to a brand. And, it can help convert consumers to sellers. Just looking at ROI, shows it’s a worthwhile investment.

But how to use content to help with sales and lead gen?

Join the Lab!

There are so many content marketing training courses out there that people get dizzy just to think about.

There is Monster Truck SEO, Product Launch Formula, Moz SEO, Buzzstream, Income School, Socially-sourced content tools…

Here, in this very blog, you will see what we have been trying, experimenting and working on at any given moment.

It can be overwhelming to know where to look for inspiration and proven formulas like the above when starting out. This is where I can help.

My ‘Digital Marketing Lab’ offers a dedicated calendar with all the latest experiments, theories and outcomes, at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

The good news is that keeping up to date is easy!

Join our newsletter and read our blogs, for the very latest updates.

More than that, you will know of the results before they get published in this blog and also you can help choose the next experiment and have complete access to the outcomes – all before they get published too!

So, now you can stay ahead while staying ahead of the competition.