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Internal Links Setup

Now it is time to find places on my page where to place the links to our new content.

Sometimes we will need to tweak the content here and there to make a link relevant.

I will start with the hardest ones: the geolocation ones.

They are hard to place on my page because its content is not related to any location specifically so I will need to be careful not to place irrelevant links just for the sake of it.

So I’ll put the first link in the footer because I have a little Google Maps embedded there with my address so the first link will be:

  • It is really important that you add the parameter target=”_blank” to the link because you don’t want your visitors to leave this page if it is your landing page

Now I need to create something that blends with the page:

  • I have added the links at the bottom like a disclaimer

Now I’ll jump into an easier one, the keyword planner one.

  • I have just searched for “keyword” and added some extra sentence there to fit the link I want to

Now the second hardest one: the google registration contents.

  • I have done the same thing as the keyword planner and added some extra lines in a relevant paragraph to add these extra links

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